Saskatchewan Soccer and Manitoba Soccer open call for expressions of interest in League1 Prairies

Jul. 28, 2023

Saskatchewan Soccer and Manitoba Soccer are pleased to announce the formal expression of interest window for organizations interested in competing in League1 Prairies. Interested parties must be committed to operating semi-professional programs for both men and women kicking off in 2024 as an exhibition series, with the planned launch of League1 Prairies in 2025. Interested parties must submit their expression by close of business August 21, 2023 after which individual meetings will be scheduled during the final week of August 2023 with a formal application process planned for September 5-28. Accepted applicants will be announced in Q4 2023. 

Interested parties should review the draft League1 Prairies Standards below to gain a comprehensive overview of the expectations of programs at Division 3 level. Details related to the length of season, costs associated with travel, roster, team staff, etc. will be available ahead of the opening of the application process. 


Operations Standards 






Outline the primary reason why the organization does what it does and its reason for being in business 



Describe the desired long-term results of the organization’s efforts 



Provide the statement of what the overall goals of the organization are 



Describe the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive the organization 



Brief description of the organization and any current services and programs, including a brief history of its evolution and inception to present day. Information and details on why the organization wants to participate in L1P, including details on the steps taken to consult with all stakeholders to inform your decision to apply 



Detailed description of ownership, including any Memorandum of Understanding or other such Third-Party Agreement detailing an third-party ownership or control (either in part or in full) of the organization 


Community Partners or investors 

Detailed description of all community partners or investors, including Memorandum of Understanding or other such Third-Party Agreements detailing any third-party involvement with the organization 


Organizational Chart 

Complete organizational chart including all administrative and technical staff. Current or Proposed.  Including job title and qualifications 


Three-year Strategic Plan 

Demonstrate a commitment to the long-term planning of the organization’s involvement in L1P and association finances to support plan  


Annual Operational Plan 

Proposed L1P operational plan including Marketing and Communications Plan, Financial Development Strategy, Community Engagement Strategy 



Approved Clubs to appoint individuals to key administrative roles to increase level of professionalism at the organization.  Individuals may perform one or more roles within the organization 


General Manager or CEO 

Responsible for general oversight of the organization and the Administrator Lead with L1PPrairies. Cannot be a team official or player. 


Team Manager 

Responsible for logistics and operational oversight of team (s) and match day 


Media Officer 

Responsible for all media operations 


Financial Officer 

Responsible for all financial operations.  Can be a person working in the organization’s administration or an external partner through a written contract. 


Marketing Officer 

Responsible for all marketing activities 


Security Officer 

Responsible for all safety and security operations 


Medical Staff 

  Each team must have one (1) physiotherapist/athletic therapist in attendance at games 


Personnel Policy Manual 

The organization must have a policy manual outlining all personnel operating rules, policies and practice must be established, reviewed at the beginning of each season and made available to all staff 


Volunteer Screening & Harassment Policy 

All volunteers must have submitted copies of a clean Criminal Record Check (CPIC) to the organization - CPIC length of validity is three (3) years.  Respective PSO’s Harassment Policy must be made available to all volunteers and adhered to.  This can occur as part of the volunteer acceptance of a broader booklet of volunteer policies and procedures.  Please provide a copy and/or explanation of your Volunteer Screening Policy. 


Code of Conduct 

Copy of the organization’s Code of Conduct.  Current or Proposed 

All players, coaches and staff of the organization must indicate agreement to abide by the appropriate respective PSOs Soccer Codes of Conduct. 

Adheres to Canada Soccer Code of Conduct and Ethics 

Has Guidelines for Appropriate/Inappropriate Conduct between all levels within the organization.  

Has a Policy requiring that any suspicion of abuse is reported to law enforcement.  

Has a ‘Rule of Two’ Policy on which it educates players, parents, coaches and team personnel where applicable.  

Has a Policy outlining what to do if witness inappropriate conduct that is proved to players, coaches, team personnel and parents (please note necessary steps to safeguard minors) 

Demonstrates active implementation of the Canada Soccer Guide to Safety 

Provides individuals representing the organization with appropriate contact information for an anonymous hotline to report abuse 

Financial Standards 





Financial Standards 

Financial Management & Sustainability 


Debt & Financing 

Detail any long-term debt or capital financing arrangements 


Facility Licensing 

Provide details (if any) of any facility licensing requirements with municipal government bodies or any other private facility.  Including specific responsibilities, obligations, risk and insurance coverage 


Financing Arrangements 

Provide details of any other long-term contributary financing arrangements your organization may have with other third-party organization 


Annual Budget 

Provide a draft 3-year annual budget for all potential L1P Club, including proposed team fees, costs and other non-fee revenue sources 


General Financial Criteria 

Financial Criteria must include: 


Bank Account 

Has a separate bank account specifically for License Holder’s involvement in L1P 


Signage for Account 

Minimum of two signing authorities.  Requires two signatures on all financial transactions, unless the Owner is sole signing authority 


Evidence of cash flow 

Evidence of cash flow is necessary to operate for consecutive years at a minimum operational cost per year of approximately $60,000 - $100,000 per year. 


Proof of Individual or Combined Net Worth 

Must be able to guarantee financial solvency in case of Operational losses 


Preparation & Review of Statements 

Prepares reviewed or audited financial statements 


Financial Reporting 

Financial reports should be developed at a minimum at the end of each financial year 


Balance Sheets 

Prepare and submit its audited Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Audit Reports) from the previous fiscal year.  These statements should be prepared by a qualified CPA and be accompanied with some analysis or commentary by the CEO/Executive Director/General Manager.  If first year of operation, upon accepted to L1P, organization should be making reports available at the conclusion of first year of operation. 


Income Statement 


Audit Report 






On-field Training Facilities 

Identify the on-field facilities you intend to use to hold your training sessions 


Facility Name & Address 

Provide the name and address of the facility 


Facility Owner 

Provide the name of the facility owner in addition to their contact information (email address and phone number) 


Field Size 

Provide exact dimensions of training field(s) 


Field Type 

Provide the field surface (e.g. grass, turf, etc.) and if it is soccer-specific. If no, what other lines are on the field?  If the field is turf, specify the type/FIFA grate of turf. 



Provide details regarding the number of goals at the training facility, including how many are moveable and how many are stationary 


Auxiliary Training Facilities 

Identify any auxiliary training facility intended to hold additional training sessions (sport science, recovery sessions, physio etc.) 


Facility Name & Address 

Provide the name and address of the facility or facilities 


Facility Owner(s) 

Provide the name of the facility owner(s) in addition to their contact information (email address and phone number) 


Facility Purpose & Size 

Provide overview of how your Club will utilize the Facility.  Will your Club solely be utilizing the Facility during a session, or will it be shared with the general public? 


Facility Staff 

Who will be overseeing your sessions at this facility? E.g. someone from the facility or someone from your Club’s staff? 


Match Day Venue 

Identify organization’s Match Day Venue intended to host L1P Games 


Facility Name & Address 

Provide the name and address of the facility 


Facility Owner 

Provide the name of the facility owner in addition to contact information (email address and phone number) 


Facility Access 

Provide details of organization’s access to the facility (through a third-party licensing agreement or equivalent) 


Securing Facility Bookings 

How will your organization secure access to book the facility? 

When would your organization need to book the facility to secure home match dates for the 2023 season? 

Would your organization have access to book the facility on weekend dates for the 2023 season? 


Facility Booking 

Written confirmation for match day facility booking from Facility Owner 


Match Venue 

Provide details of proposed Match Day Venue 


Field Size 

Length = Minimum of 90 meters, Maximum of 120 meters 

Width = Minimum of 45 meters, Maximum of 90 meters 

Provide the exact dimensions of the proposed match field(s) 


Field Type 

Must meet FIFA standards 

Provide the total number of fields available at the venue 

Will teams be able to utilize the additional field(s) for pre-match warm up and cool down? 

Provide the field surface type (e.g. grass, turf, etc.) and if it is soccer-specific.  If no, what other lines are on the field?  Soccer-specific in usage is preferred.  If the field is turf, specify type/FIFA grade of turf. 


Players/Staff Benches 

Covered benches for players and staff with seating for all match day rostered players and staff.  How many benches be covered? E.g. A soccer-specific dugout or a tent? How many seat will the players/staff benches accommodate? 


Spectator Seating 

Approximate capacity of 400 seated spectators 

Provide details of your spectator seating and if its bleacher seating, if the seating is temporary or permanent. 

Confirm the minimum number of seated spectators at your proposed facility 


Match Video Recording 

Indicate what space, area, and specific size is available for match video recording. 

Is there power available for match video recording? 

How many people can the match video recording area accommodate? 

Video recording of matches from designated are mid-field. 


Live Streaming 

Indicate what and specific size is available for match streaming 


Power Availability 

Must have power availability for live streaming and match video recording.  Please indicate what power availability is accessible at your proposed venue and where it is located 


Public Address System 

Must be available for use on match days.  Ability to broadcast live on match days is preferred. 

Please confirm weather PA system is permanent to the facility or if you would have to brin it into the facility. 

Would the Public Address systems provide for space for a live match broadcaster? 


Clock and scoreboard 

Clock capable of counting up or down (forty-five) minutes, a scoreboard indicating the current score. 

Provide details of the game clock and/or scoreboard in relation to its position from the benches, field and spectators. 

What information does the clock or scoreboard show? 



Proper floodlights at venue to enable evening matches to be played.  Please confirm access to the facility for evening matches. 


Water and Ice 

Clean drinking water and ice must be available to all Teams, Match Officials and Medical Personnel 

Please indicate what access to clean drinking water and ice if available at proposed facility 



Must have adequate vehicular access and parking within walking distance of the field. 

Indicate what parking availability there is at your proposed facility.  What is the walking distance between parking and the field.  What transit access is there to/from your venue? 



Concession is required on match days.  Concession must be open to public at least 30 minutes prior to kick off. 

Provide details regarding concession availability for matches at your proposed facility 



Ticketing entry for all matches.  Provide details of plan for ticketing, including proposed ticket price and the process for match entry/exit 



Must have the ability to affix signage and branding for sponsors, partners and L1P.  Confirm space to affix signage and branding for matches 



Uniformed Security for the duration of the match(es), at least two hours prior to kick-off and one hour post match(es) 

Provide details of the perimeter of the field at your proposed facility. Venue must be completely enclosed.  Fencing around the venue should be covered in scrim.  Confirm height of the perimeter fencing 

Indicate whether you plan to have professional uniformed security at your matches. 

Provide site plan, security plan and emergency action plan for match days.  Including the plans for commercialization of alcohol 



Must have changerooms and show facilities for both teams and for Match Officials 

How many changerooms will your organization have access to on match days to accommodate the Home Team, Away Team and Match Officials? 

What is the walking distance from the changerooms to the field? 



Must have separate washroom facilities for each team, for Match Officials and for Spectators 

Access to permanent washroom for spectators 


Match Day Personnel 

Key Match Day Personnel available at the venue for L1P Matches.  Individuals may perform one or more roles within the organization 

All Key personnel must be in the integrated radio communication 


Field Manager 

Oversight of all Personnel on-field and coordinating timing and communication between the Clubs, Officials and Venue Personnel 


Visiting Team Liaison 

Provide support for the Visiting team while they are at the venue 


Match Official Liaison 

Provide support to all Match Officials for the duration of their time at the venue 


PressBox Supervisor 

Assists with the needs of the individuals doing match video recording, streaming, and/or broadcasting 



Uniformed security for the duration of the match, in addition to two hours prior to kick-off and one-hour post-match 

Appropriate security based on attendance and commercialization of alcohol 



Adequate ticketing staff (and where appropriate, ushers) 


Ball Persons 

A minimum of six (6) uniformed ball persons for the duration of the match 


Athletic Therapist, Physio or Doctor 

At minimum, one (1) Designated Medical Staff* person to be available on match days 


Ambulance Availability 

Access to an ambulance within ten (10) minute response time 

 Technical Standards 





Technical Staff Certification 

Organization must appoint the following Technical Staff 


Head Coach 

2025 - CONCACAF National B/2026 & Beyond - CONCACAF National A 

CPIC - Vulnerable Sector Check 

NCCP Make Ethical Decisions 

NCCP Emergency Action Plan 

NCCP Rule of Two 

NCCP Making Headway 

Respect in Sport Activity Leader 


Cannot be the Technical Lead or Administrative Lead of youth organisation. 


Assistant Coach 

CONCACAF National B 

CPIC - Vulnerable Sector Check 

NCCP Make Ethical Decisions 

NCCP Emergency Action Plan 

NCCP Rule of Two 

NCCP Making Headway 

Respect in Sport Activity Leader 


Goalkeeper Coach 


CPIC - Vulnerable Sector Check 

NCCP Make Ethical Decisions 

NCCP Emergency Action Plan 

NCCP Rule of Two 

NCCP Making Headway 

Respect in Sport Activity Leader 


Athletic Therapist 

 Must be a licensed healthcare provider in their respective province 


Training Session Duration 

4.5hrs-7.5hrs/week (team should follow a periodized plan) 


Training Session Field 

Full-Size (Turf or Grass) 


Training to Game Ratio 

4:1 (based on 1 match per week) 

3:1 (based on 2 matches per week) 


Video Recording 

Responsibility of home team. Game must be remitted to opposition within 24 hours of match completion. If league exchange is provided, must upload there. League operator may require livestreaming of matches (and all capabilities). 


Match Day Recording 

No promotional watermark or branded marketing collateral on materials, unless using the L1P logo, as provided; 

Raw copy of videography must be provide to L1PP 

Final file uploads must be minimum 720p HD quality and shot from a central vantage point from an elevated position (30 ft./min. 20 ft.) that captures action clearly (i.e. at least two lines of play and ball clearly visible at all time); 

Recording must commence with official opening whistle and cannot include licensed music (i.e. Mute pre, HT and FT music); 
















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